6 Common Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a series of conditions that can signal danger ahead in your health. People with this syndrome are more likely to develop problems like diabetes and heart disease. This problem can often be fought with lifestyle changes, including dietary supplements. Abdominal Obesity One of the most common symptoms is obesity that can be […]

6 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Your blood sugar levels are important when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. When your blood sugar is out of control, you may feel tired and generally unhealthy. This can also lead to dangers like diabetes. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stabilize your blood sugar and maintain healthy levels. Exercise Regular exercise […]

5 Ways to Use Supplements to Control Your Blood Sugar

Regulating your blood sugar is about more than just avoiding disease. It is about feeling better in every aspect of your life and health. When you discover the power of using supplements to control sugar levels in your body, you open yourself up to a world of success. Here are 5 ways to use supplements […]

3 Mistakes That Can Mess Up Your Blood Sugar Regulation

We are bombarded with so much information nowadays when it comes to nutrition, eating correctly, and taking supplements to support our diets and lifestyles. Working through a minefield of fad diets and supplementations can be overwhelming.  It is refreshing to come upon an all-natural supplement that delivers what it promises. The 100% natural supplement Glucose […]

Lower A1C the Natural Way With Glucose Control 7 Ways 6.4

Your A1C is a blood test that is used to measure your average blood glucose level and is sometimes used to monitor how well you are responding to your current diabetes medication. For many people, the traditional route to lowering your A1C involves drinking more water and getting more exercise, but there are other natural […]

4 Hazards of Elevated Blood Sugar

We are all guilty of it: feeling starved and then reaching for something with too much sugar. You feel a surge of energy from your elevated blood sugar levels, only to be followed by a hard crash, leading to lethargy and even more cravings for unhealthy foods. However, if your everyday diet is defined by […]

A Healthy A1c Level and How to Get it

A healthy A1C level is vital to maintain a healthy body. Your A1C levels can help you predict if you are at risk for diabetes or other blood-sugar related diseases. You may have heard your doctor mention your A1C when discussing your blood work, but what exactly is it, and how can you get to […]

3 Reasons Metabolic Pathways Are Crucial to Maintaining Your Health

Our “metabolic pathways” are the key interactions that take place every moment between our genes and our entire cellular structure. Simply put, a metabolic pathway is a way our cells burn sugar to power the body’s activities.  Even from this basic definition, it’s clear that these pathways are crucial to healthy functioning, but there’s a […]

How Can You Get Lower Blood Sugar Naturally?

Sugar pervades our environment. You can hardly walk through the supermarket without being bombarded by a plethora of snacks and treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth. And that is not to even mention all the frozen goods, soups, rubs, and glazes that sneak sugar into their product. There is no wonder that the question […]