Top 5 Reliable Ways to Reduce Appetite Naturally

In order to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, it is vital to be careful about what and how much you put into your body. Taking charge of your health includes finding ways to reduce appetite without resorting to unhealthy chemicals or gimmicky diets. Luckily there are proven strategies you can implement today that work […]

6 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Your blood sugar levels are important when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. When your blood sugar is out of control, you may feel tired and generally unhealthy. This can also lead to dangers like diabetes. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stabilize your blood sugar and maintain healthy levels. Exercise Regular exercise […]

How Whey Protein Can Help You Feel Fuller and Lower Your Blood Sugar

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight or have trouble stabilizing your blood sugar levels, premium whey protein powder can help you get your weight on track and feel more energized while you do. Protein powder is an essential addition to your diet if you want to feel fuller longer, lose weight sustainably, and lower […]

5 Ways to Use Supplements to Control Your Blood Sugar

Regulating your blood sugar is about more than just avoiding disease. It is about feeling better in every aspect of your life and health. When you discover the power of using supplements to control sugar levels in your body, you open yourself up to a world of success. Here are 5 ways to use supplements […]

7 Advantages of Using Natural Supplements

Many people today are rejecting big pharmaceutical companies in favor of natural supplements. These products, created with plants and other completely natural ingredients, come from the same holistic approach that many cultures relied on long ago to treat medical challenges and remain healthy. Take Charge of Your Health One huge advantage of using holistic products […]

3 Mistakes That Can Mess Up Your Blood Sugar Regulation

We are bombarded with so much information nowadays when it comes to nutrition, eating correctly, and taking supplements to support our diets and lifestyles. Working through a minefield of fad diets and supplementations can be overwhelming.  It is refreshing to come upon an all-natural supplement that delivers what it promises. The 100% natural supplement Glucose […]

7 Benefits of Yeast-Based Probiotics

Research has shown the tremendous health benefits associated with taking yeast-based probiotics, and at Panacea Scientific, we make it our number one priority to provide our customers high quality, natural health and wellness supplements and products. Here are seven benefits of a yeast-based probiotic (like Arise): 1. Regulates Intestines Consumption of yeast-based microorganisms like Saccharomyces […]

What Mixes Best With Chocolate Whey Protein?

Have you ever gone out on a limb and tried a specialty flavor of protein powder only to find yourself severely disappointed with the taste? In order to get the most and best results from mixing your protein powder with different foods, choosing a reliable flavor such as chocolate whey protein will ensure that you […]

A Healthy A1c Level and How to Get it

A healthy A1C level is vital to maintain a healthy body. Your A1C levels can help you predict if you are at risk for diabetes or other blood-sugar related diseases. You may have heard your doctor mention your A1C when discussing your blood work, but what exactly is it, and how can you get to […]

Signs and Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is a gastrointestinal disorder caused by miscommunication between your gut and your brain. IBS affects around 12% of adults in the US, predominantly women under the age of 50. Read on to learn more about the signs and symptoms of IBS, and how Evvea Probiotics can help: Signs and Symptoms […]

Shake It Up: 13 Foods That Go Perfectly With Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

Looking for ways to shake up your chocolate whey protein powder consumption? You already know that our delicious chocolate shake provides essential and non-essential amino acids ideal for muscle building, tissue recovery, and increased energy, but, well, it just gets boring sometimes, doesn’t it? A scoop here, a scoop there … morning, noon, night … […]