2 Probiotic Options for General Health

If you’re ready to improve your health, kickstart your immune system, and get your digestive tract regulated, it’s time to consider probiotic supplements. Many people hold the common misconception that they have to be suffering from a gastrointestinal condition to benefit from probiotic supplementation. While probiotics are a stellar choice for addressing digestive issues, they can improve your general health in numerous ways.

1. Evvea

For individuals suffering from any food or allergy sensitivities, Evvea is the perfect match. This all-natural probiotic supplement packs a punch and is free from dairy, yeast, corn, gluten, sodium, artificial colors, and animal products. With eight probiotic strains and one type of prebiotic soluble fiber, the supplement is a wise choice whether you suffer from a specific gastrointestinal disorder or want to improve your overall health.

In addition, every pill contains at least 5 billion colony-forming units (CFUs), allowing you to take the recommended daily dose of 10 billion CFUs in two easy-swallow capsules. Colony-forming units are the unit of measurement used to estimate the number of viable cells in a given sample. This measurement is essential for probiotics because the microorganisms need to be viable for you to receive the maximum benefit from your probiotic supplement.

Weight Management Benefits

Probiotic strains such as those found in Evvea help regulate the bacteria in your gut that contribute to weight gain. Gut inflammation and weight gain go hand-in-hand, but probiotics soothe inflammation and make weight loss less strenuous. Evvea also provides the helpful bacteria in your gut with nourishment.  This allows them to moderate the harmful bacteria that can contribute to weight gain and retention.


If you are looking for a yeast-based probiotic to improve your overall health and vitality, then ARISE is a supplement you can’t afford to miss. It also pulls double-duty as the perfect probiotic to pair with a prescribed antibiotic course. The yeast-based strain is one of the only probiotics capable of withstanding antibiotics.  ARISE can help prevent digestive upset during your antibiotic session and helps minimize the damage the medication does to your immune system.

Containing 5 billion CFUs of Saccharomyces boulardii per capsule, ARISE  is free from gluten, corn, dairy, sodium, artificial coloring, and animal products. ARISE is a good choice for individuals who have an overgrowth of candida and suffer from conditions such as thrush or yeast infections. Antibiotic use creates an environment where candida thrives, and the use of ARISE can prevent candida growth from becoming excessive and causing medical issues.

Immune System Benefit

Individuals who seek to improve their immune systems should consider this yeast-based probiotic. As most of your immune response cells are located in your gut, balancing helpful and harmful bacteria levels in your body is essential to maintaining a properly functioning immune system. In addition, medication use and stress can weaken your immune system even if you are typically healthy.

Don’t wait until you are ill to improve your health. By using probiotics to improve your general health, you can create a baseline level of wellness that allows you to thrive. Head to Panacea Scientific and see which of our probiotic supplements is the right fit for you.


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