How to Reduce Appetite With Glucose Control

You exercise at least 2.5 hours per week. You know the right foods to eat. You control your urges to eat unhealthy foods  – most of the time. But occasionally, you succumb to the siren call of a double bacon cheeseburger with onion rings and french fries. Sometimes, your appetite is so voracious you lose […]

What Is Blood Sugar? 3 Reasons It’s Crucial for Your Health

We hear a lot about blood sugar control, and if you’re suffering from diabetes, it’s one of the biggest issues on your personal health radar. But what is blood sugar, exactly, and why is it so important to your health? What Is Blood Sugar? Sugar in the blood is called glucose. How do you get […]

5 Top Benefits of Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

If you suffer from diabetes, you’ve probably been given all the warnings about how important it is to keep your blood sugar in check. But, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is important for everyone, whether or not one has diabetes. Healthy blood sugar levels provide important overall health benefits you don’t want miss. 5 Top […]

5 Reasons Women Are Choosing Multiple Strain Probiotics for Gut Health

Did you know that for every human cell in your body, there are nine bacterial cells? Your gut is home to trillions of microorganisms known as gut flora. These include several strains of yeast and over 1,000 strains of bacteria. Gut health has an important influence on mood, the immune system and overall quality of […]

4 Amazing Reasons Why Evvea Is the Best Probiotic for Gut Health

Finding ways to stay healthy can be a challenge. When your life gets busy or you spend part of your day getting kids from one activity to another, being able to squeeze in some exercise time or prepare a healthy, satisfying meal can be tough. It’s still a good idea to do these things when […]