4 Tips to Help With Long-Term Blood Sugar Control

Whether you’re managing diabetes or you’re looking to make lasting lifestyle changes, balancing your blood sugar levels will help you lead a better life. And you can achieve the changes you want without relying on prescription medications for results. Supplements, water, exercise, and the proper diet are just a few of the ways you can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

4 Tips to Help With Long-Term Blood Sugar Control

1. Heal Naturally With Probiotic Supplements

Though it’s common for people to turn to prescription drugs to manage high blood sugar levels, it wasn’t always this way. Natural treatments were around long before synthetic drugs, and they’re still just as effective. In addition to healthy lifestyle choices, probiotic supplements are natural options that address your blood-sugar levels without the side effects of OTC medications.

Glucose Control 7 Ways is an all-natural blend that was created to target high blood sugar levels, inflammation, and Metabolic Syndrome.

2. Hydrate With Water

Water energizes us, regulates our body temperature, helps digestion, protects our organs, and helps our kidneys remove excess sugar through urine. But there’s nothing quite like a carbonated soft drink, which is full of sugar.

One can of soda often has more than 30g of sugar, and the “no-sugar” options typically substitute the natural sugar for artificial sweeteners that have been linked to greater health problems. Go for a glass of water instead of soda, and not only can you improve your blood sugar levels, but you may also find that you feel better as a whole.

3. Choose Carbohydrates Wisely

Your body breaks down the carbohydrates you eat and turns them into energy by converting them into sugars. This in itself isn’t a bad thing, but it can be harmful if you’re already trying to manage high blood sugar levels. You may want to consider reducing the carbohydrates you eat or being mindful of the kind of carbs in your diet.

Simple carbohydrates are the ones in white bread, soft drinks, candy, and table sugar. When you consume simple carbs, your body breaks them down into sugar. Your blood sugar levels then rise quickly. Complex carbs, like whole grain oats and starchy vegetables, take longer to process and don’t cause rapid increases in your blood sugar levels.

4. Engage in Regular Exercise

Exercise can transform how your body functions, including how it manages your blood sugar levels. When you engage in moderate exercise regularly, your muscles will use more glucose, which is the sugar in your blood. Using up this sugar can balance and lower your blood sugar times. Exercise also signals your body to become more sensitive to insulin, one of the key hormones to using, storing, and balancing blood sugar levels.

You may not believe how your health can transform by using safe and natural products. A stable, balanced blood sugar level is attainable when you dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Contact us at Panacea Scientific to learn about our mission of providing natural, wholesome solutions.


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