These 4 Foods Can Speed Up Wrinkle Development

Good nutrition is becoming more and more important because of its effects on overall health. Avoiding unhealthy foods and getting enough nutrients can not only prevent disease but can also help slow the effects of aging. The healthier the body is, the fewer wrinkles, lines, and loose skin it produces. Today, we’ll have a closer look at some of the top foods that cause wrinkles and how they can be replaced with healthy alternatives.

The Top 4 Foods That Cause Wrinkles

1. Sugar

Most people know that sugar isn’t very healthy because it can increase the chances of obesity and cause diabetes, but did you know that it also affects the quality of your skin? Glucose and fructose link the amino acids contained in your structural proteins, collagen and elastin, together and therefore produce advanced glycation end products, or AGEs.

These sugars speed up the aging process and affect the way your skin looks and feels. What’s more, they may cause other kinds of damage. Scientists are exploring how the glycation process affects the heart, the kidneys, the eyes, and more. If you want to avoid the negative effects of this process, replace some of your sugary snacks with fruit, vegetables, or nuts.

2. Processed Fatty Meats 

Many processed types of meat contain sodium, sulfite, and even added unhealthy fats. All these substances can dehydrate the skin and cause an inflammation that weakens your body’s collagen. People who want to reduce the effects of aging but still enjoy meat should choose primarily fresh, grass-fed, pastured, or free-range meats and the occasional treat of meats like bacon that are processed without chemicals (usually sold as “uncured”).

3. French Fries 

French fries and other deep-fried foods also speed up AGE production. What’s more, foods fried at high temperatures release free radicals that cause skin damage. Therefore, it’s best to avoid French fries or have them as a rare treat. 

Instead, you could opt for sweet potato fries, which can be baked and are high in copper, a mineral that supports collagen production. If you eat French fries more than once a week, you should consider purchasing a supplement like Greens, which contains anti-oxidants and can counteract the effect of free radicals. 

4. White Bread 

White bread, and any other highly processed grain, is another food that encourages the production of AGEs and can cause inflammation in the body, so people who eat bread on a daily basis should choose a darker version. There are also healthier options such as breads made with sprouted grains, which contain important anti-oxidants but no added sugar. 

Sugar, fatty meats, French fries, and white bread shouldn’t be a part of your everyday diet because they can speed up the formation of wrinkles. Instead, you should replace them with healthier alternatives and make sure you get all the nutrients and minerals you need. Contact us at Panacea Scientific to find out more about our supplements.  Many of them contain anti-oxidants that can slow down the aging process and help you retain smooth skin.


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