Everything You Need to Know About Whey Protein: Part 1

If you want to make sure you have a balanced diet that can benefit your health in the future, then you might consider using supplements to fortify your daily nutrients. While you can help make sure you get your vitamins from supplements, other aspects of your diet, such as protein, may need to be supported with whey protein.

Everything You Need to Know About Whey Protein: Part 1

Whey is a protein that is primarily found in dairy products and is the most common source of protein found in protein powders and shakes. Although whey is very common, some people may still have questions about the benefits of this protein. For example, what are the health effects, how often should you take this protein, and is there any truth that whey can help you lose fat?

What Are the Health Effects of Whey?

According to research, there are benefits of using a protein source such as whey. For example, whey is a high-quality protein, which means that it’s readily absorbed by the body and can easily be used to promote muscle growth and wound healing. As for the overall health of your body, research shows that regularly using whey powder can help lower blood pressure, stabilize type 2 diabetes, and reduce inflammation linked to arthritis and GI diseases such as IBD.

In particular, whey can be exceptionally beneficial for people who are 50 and older because of the high calcium content. One serving of whey can equal almost 12% of the daily value of calcium required by older adults. For those who are worried about osteoarthritis and other bone density diseases, including whey in your diet can be a good way to increase your calcium consumption.

How Often Is It Wise to Take Whey?

Whey is safe to take daily, although some people may choose to only use this protein a few times a week. Ultimately, the frequency of your whey consumption depends on factors such as your activity level and your health goals.

If you’re using this protein after exercise to help build muscle, then it’s smart to use whey every day or on the days when you work out. On the other hand, if you just want to increase your calcium and protein consumption moderately, using whey a couple of times a week can be effective.

How Can This Protein Help You Lose Fat?

Research has linked whey to fat reduction because of the amino acids that are in the protein. Specifically, because whey stimulates fatty acid oxidation, it can increase the fat-burning ability in your body. As part of a weight loss plan, using whey regularly can help reduce belly fat and achieve your body goals.

Whey is a common protein that is readily absorbed and used by the body. Whether you want to increase your calcium consumption, build more muscles, reduce inflammation, or lose fat, this protein can easily be part of your daily or weekly dietary plan. Bump up your protein intake with whey powder from Panacea Scientific today.


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