Probiotics for Gut Health: 4 Things Good Gut Health Can Improve

Everybody knows that problems with the gut can cause stomach pain and digestive trouble. But are you aware that the good bacteria in your intestines also affect your weight, your ability to sleep, and your risk of developing long-term health issues? Today, we’ll have a closer look at why intestinal health is so important and what probiotics for gut health can do for you. 

Probiotics for Gut Health: 4 Things Good Gut Health Can Improve

1. Pain and Stomach Trouble 

When you start taking a probiotic like Evvea, you improve the quality and quantity of good bacteria in your gut. They help you digest food and absorb nutrients better, so you can expect gastrointestinal symptoms like bloating, an upset stomach, cramps, and heartburn to subside. 

What’s more, your bowel movements might become more regular, so you’re no longer struggling with constipation or diarrhea. In the long term, eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of probiotic substances can even decrease your risk of developing gut-related conditions like cancer. 

2. Your Weight 

The main job of the bacteria in your gut is to help you absorb nutrients from the foods you eat, but they also help with fat storage and blood sugar regulation. If they are unable to do this, you might notice that your weight fluctuates, even if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 

People who lose weight might be suffering from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), while those who gain weight could be prone to over-eating due to poor nutrient absorption. To resolve these issues, you should consider purchasing a probiotic supplement, which can help you either maintain your weight or shed those extra pounds. 

3. Your Sleep 

It goes without saying that having cramps or a bloated stomach can prevent you from sleeping well. But there is another reason why an unhealthy gut can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Serotonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, is mainly produced in the gut, and when there is damage, your ability to rest can be impaired. Scientists have also found a link between sleep disturbances and a higher risk of fibromyalgia, so it’s important to address this problem early. 

4. Your Risk of Conditions 

Recent studies have demonstrated that the gut has a significant impact on our immune system. An unhealthy digestive tract can increase the systemic inflammation in your body and therefore reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. Over time, this can lead to autoimmune conditions that cause the body to attack itself.  

Similarly, skin conditions such as eczema can be caused by gut inflammation, which allows certain proteins to leak out into the body and irritate the skin. What’s more, people who aren’t able to absorb vital nutrients from food are at risk of various conditions related to malnutrition. 

Intestinal health is crucial because it affects your digestive system, your weight, your ability to sleep, and your risk of contracting serious medical issues like an autoimmune condition. To restore the balance in your gut, you should take a probiotic supplement like Evvea. Call or message us now at Panacea Scientific to find out more or to place your order.


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