5 Things You Didn’t Know About Probiotics & Weight Loss

The most common path to weight loss is calories in, calories out. Watching your diet and maintaining a healthy exercise regimen can take the pounds off, but there’s a way to speed up the process, that’s been inside you the whole time. Your gut bacteria can have a major impact on how easily you take off pounds and keep them off, and effective probiotics for weight loss can help you regulate it.

We all have a natural biome of gut bacteria, and it’s affected by how we eat. Over time, habits change the properties of gut bacteria. The gut bacteria of overweight people are designed to harvest more calories from food before digestion than those found in thin people. Effective probiotics, or strains of beneficial bacteria, can be introduced into the gut biome through supplements or natural food sources.

Probiotics for weight loss can be found in many natural sources and can change your gut biome to one geared towards weight loss. Here at Panacea Scientific, we offer a natural and effective probiotic – Evvea. This dairy-free blend of eight beneficial microorganisms and a prebiotic soluble fiber supports good gut health and encourages weight loss.

Read more about Evvea here and read on for more information about how effective probiotics for weight loss can improve more than just your digestive health.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Probiotics & Weight Loss

1. Gut Bacteria Can Affect Your Metabolism

Your gut biome metabolizes primary bile acids into secondary bile acids. This affects your metabolism because it activates the farnesoid X receptor, affecting fat levels in the liver and the balance of blood sugar. As bile acid receptors are activated, fat storage capacity is increased, and your metabolism becomes more powerful.

2. Gut Bacteria Makes it Easier to Stay Full

The fermentation of gut bacteria increases hormones that trigger appetite and fatigue from glucose cravings. Taking effective probiotics for weight loss that counteract this effect helps you stay full after eating longer and resist the urge to snack between meals.

3. Probiotics Help to Reduce Inflammation

One of the biggest causes of weight gain and bloating is leaky gut or intestinal permeability. This is caused by high-fat diets which result in lipopolysaccharides leaking into the bloodstream. It results in chronic low-grade inflammation and bloating. Adding effective probiotics to your diet can reduce tissue inflammation and reverse the effects of fatty foods on your digestive system.

4. Probiotics Can Help You Digest Food Faster

There are some food substances that the body can’t digest fully. The addition of effective probiotics for weight loss produces important nutrients like vitamin K and vitamin B. These vitamins break down your food faster and keep your body from absorbing empty calories. As food passes through your system faster, your metabolism learns and speeds up.

5. There are Many Ways to Add Probiotics to Your Diet

One of the most common ways to get effective probiotics for weight loss into your system is through supplements like Evvea, which are taken daily with water. It is also possible to add healthy prebiotics to your diet through common foods. The best foods for probiotic content include yogurt (ideally without added sugar or artificial ingredients); fermented food like kimchi, sauerkraut, or kombucha; dairy products like kefir or traditional buttermilk; and soy products like tempeh and miso.

Effective Probiotics for Weight Loss

The addition of healthy probiotics to your gut biome has many health benefits for your digestive system. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, you’ll find you lose weight more easily and keep it off; feel full longer; and digest food faster. Check out Panacea Scientific products for more information about how probiotics can improve your well being.


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