Four Activity Ideas to Spend Time With Family and Older Adults

Healthy aging can mean a lot of things. From maintaining an active lifestyle to consuming a balanced, nutrient-dense diet, there are many things older adults can do to stay healthy as they age. At the forefront for many older adults is finding ways to spend time with family. Check out some of the best ideas for family activities and other ways to support health-focused aging.

Four Activity Ideas to Spend Time With Family and Older Adults

1. Game and Movie Night

Whether your family shares the same competitive spirit or older family members want to take a walk down memory lane with nostalgic games and movies, having a weekly game and movie night for the family can be an excellent activity.

Board games, card games, and even modern games such as Wii Fit can all feature in a game right. There are dozens of movies, including classics, that can also be enjoyed by the whole family.

2. Low-Impact Physical Activity

Low-impact physical activity is probably one of the healthiest ways to spend time with an older family member. Low-impact activities can include walking, Tai Chi, water aerobics, or another exercise that does not place stress on the joints.

Not only is low-impact physical activity an effective way to maintain healthy body weight, but it can also be beneficial for supporting bone and joint health. Furthermore, research shows that regular physical activity for aging individuals can benefit other aspects of wellness, including reducing the risks of stroke, diabetes, and dementia.

3. Cooking and Baking

Many people bond over food, so cooking and baking are one way to spend time with older family members. For one thing, cooking and baking with older members of your family can be a way to share coveted family recipes and allow experienced older family members share their experience and wisdom with younger ones. Additionally, cooking and baking create long-lasting memories that are tied into memories built around scent and taste.

4. Recreation Centers

Recreation centers often have activities that are designed for older adults. For example, bingo night, crafting afternoons, and other social activities can all benefit an aging loved one. Many activities at recreation centers can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Recreation centers may also host classes or other activities to help people learn new skills, including new languages and other activities that engage the memory to keep the mind healthy.

How Else Can You Support Healthy Aging?

Aside from engaging in family bonding activities, there are other ways you can support the wellness of an aging family member. For example, supplements can fortify the gut, brain, and bone health of older individuals. Using the right combination of supplements as recommended by a physician can ensure older adults feel energized and healthy enough to partake in family activities.

There are several activities families can do together to support the wellness of older family members. For example, bonding with the family through games, cooking, and low-impact physical activity can support the brain and body health of an older loved one. For more ideas for health-focused aging, visit Panacea Scientific to check out supplements that can support 50+ wellness. 


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