Is It Good to Take Probiotics Everyday?

If you’ve been considering using probiotics to improve your gut health and immune system, you may have questions such as, “Should I take my probiotic supplement in the morning?” and “Do I use probiotics every day?”. Keep reading to learn the best practices to follow if you want to get the maximum benefits out of your probiotic use.

Is It Good to Take Probiotics Every Day?

For most individuals, daily probiotic use is recommended and encouraged. For example, if you want to boost your gut health, improve irritable bowel syndrome, or ease your eczema symptoms, you’ll want to take a daily probiotic supplement. Consistent probiotic use allows you to experience the full range of health improvements they provide.  

Our probiotic supplement Evvea is a proprietary mix of nine different strains (8 probiotic, 1 prebiotic), with a dosage of 10 billion CFUs per serving designed to support your gut health long-term. Most individuals will notice positive changes to their health and gastrointestinal symptoms when using this supplement as part of their daily wellness routine.

Why Should I Take Probiotics Daily?

Even though probiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut right away, don’t stop taking them as soon as you experience a difference or feel better. While a shorter course of probiotics can improve your health, you only enjoy a limited amount of benefits if you use probiotics temporarily. You may believe that once your gut has restored healthy bacteria levels, you should stop taking probiotics, but that is not the case.

Your body is constantly under siege by factors that will destroy the healthy gut microbiome you have established. Seemingly innocent things such as chlorinated water, a diet heavy in sugar or simple carbs, and contraceptive medication break down the bacteria you need to stay healthy. By taking a daily probiotic supplement, you supply your gut with the bacteria it needs to maintain an ideal internal environment.

Processes Improved Through Consistent Probiotic Supplementation

Nutrient Absorption

Probiotics do more than relieve gastrointestinal distress; they also guarantee that your body can absorb as many nutrients as possible from your food. Once your food is in your stomach, digestive juices break it down into molecules that travel to your small intestine.

Probiotics help your small intestine break the molecules down into individual nutrients to distribute throughout your body. This process helps prevent you from suffering vitamin deficiencies and ensures your body doesn’t miss out on the nutrients it needs for optimal health.

Immune System

Many people are shocked to learn that most of their immune cells live in their gut. If you regularly suffer from colds and infectious diseases and have no outstanding medical condition causing your illness, your immune system may need a boost from probiotics.

Weight Management

Studies have found that women who took a probiotic daily while following a weight loss plan lost more weight and kept it off than women who did not take the probiotic. Having the proper bacteria levels in your gut can help keep your metabolism working efficiently. Additionally, when your gut microbes are unbalanced, you may have more cravings for unhealthy food.

Probiotics offer numerous benefits when taken consistently. If you’re ready to heal your gut and enjoy the improvements probiotics can bring to your overall health, don’t wait another day to add probiotic supplements to your daily routine. Visit Panacea Scientific today, and begin your journey to better health!


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