Your Gut Is In Luck

The human digestive tract is home to several colonies of microorganisms that help process and digest the foods we eat. These colonies of bacteria can change depending on what you eat. Scientific studies continue to show that an imbalance of bacteria in the digestive tract is linked to lowering overall health and an increase in disease. Instead of depending on luck, hoping that what you eat will keep your bacteria colonies in balance, taking Evvea probiotic supplements daily will help balance the bacteria in your digestive tract.

The Benefits of Taking a Daily Probiotic

As probiotics aid in the digestion of food, an improvement in gut health is one of the more obvious benefits of taking the Evvea probiotic supplement. The benefits do not end there. Several studies have shown that a better balance in the gut can aid in weight loss as well as provide mental health benefits. Even for those without health issues, the efficiency of digestive enzymes drops with age. The Evvea probiotic supplement can act as a booster shot to keep your digestive system chugging.

Good Gut Health

An imbalance between good and bad colonies of bacteria in the digestive tract can be caused by poor diet, certain medications such as antibiotics, and many other factors. The Evvea probiotic supplement helps to return that balance back to normal. With the correct balance of bacteria in the digestive system, digestive efficiency improves as well as several other health factors. Directly related to digestion, a proper balance of bacteria can aid in weight loss and prevent diarrhea. Additionally, it can help with certain digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

The benefits reach past the digestive system. A proper balance of bacteria can aid the immune system and reduce the severity of certain allergies and even eczema. Evvea probiotic can help promote the production of immune cells in the body. Several studies have shown that probiotics can lower blood pressure and aid in the breaking down of bile, which contains cholesterol.

Studies of both humans and animals have shown that having a better balance of bacteria in the digestive system can aid in the mood and mental health. Probiotics have been shown to improve symptoms of autism, depression, anxiety.

Helps Your Body Process Foods That Have Higher Levels of Refined Sugars

A poor diet is one of the main ways that digestive bacteria become unbalanced. The modern diet contains refined carbohydrates and sugars in great quantities. Certain bacteria in the digestive track love these refined sugars. Fed by a large diet of refined sugars, these bacteria can overtake some of the other colonies, creating an imbalance in digestive track bacteria colonies.

The Evvea probiotic supplement can help the beneficial colonies that the sugar-loving bacteria pushed out to return to the digestive tract. Taking a daily supplement can keep the levels of good bacteria in the gut balanced even with a diet that contains the refined sugars the bad bacteria love to eat.

The Efficiency of Digestive Enzymes Drops with Age

Age changes many parts of the body, and the digestive tract is not immune to the effects of age. Issues such as constipation, gas, and diarrhea become increasingly common with age, and this is due to a reduction in digestive enzymes and unbalanced digestive tract bacteria. The Evvea probiotic supplement can help boost these aging digestive enzymes in addition to re-balancing the digestive tract bacteria.

Evvea Probiotic

Whether your goal this spring is to boost your general health, re-balance your unbalanced digestive tract bacteria colonies, or to aid the efficiency of digestive enzymes, taking a daily Evvea probiotic supplement from Panacea Scientific will give your digestive system the healthy bacteria it needs

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for your information, I’ve been a loyal customer of your Evvea probiotics for many years, introduced to me my sister, a Gastroenterologist. We can’t stress the importance of these products enough, particularly with the poor diet in our culture today.

  2. Chris, thanks for your comment. It is wonderful to hear that Evvea has helped you achieve and maintain good gut health for many years. We provide Evvea to over 30 Healthcare Professionals all over the US. Many of them, like your sister, are Gastroenterologists. They recommend Evvea because it not only helps maintain good gut health, it resolves challenging gut heath issues. Many of them say it works better than a prescription. Thanks for being a loyal customer, and embracing the benefits of Evvea and Natural Healing. Matt

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