Gut Microbes: They Could Be the Key to Solving Food Allergies

One problem that seems to be more prevalent than ever is people suffering from allergic reactions to food. In fact, studies estimate that as many as one in ten adults and one in twelve children in the U.S. face some form of food allergies. One potential solution to this problem that is currently being studied is the use of gut microbes. Read on for information about the healing properties of microbes and how they may help with this common problem.

Gut Microbes: They Could Be the Key to Solving Food Allergies

What Causes an Allergic Reaction to Food?

Our body is wired to protect us from external threats using our immune system. By identifying foreign bodies that could potentially cause infection, the immune system keeps you healthy.  It attacks these potential risks to your health with a variety of natural defense mechanisms. These defense mechanisms can manifest themselves as a range of symptoms that we experience, from fevers to rashes and just about everything in between.

A food allergy occurs when our immune system mistakenly identifies certain types of food as targets that need to be eliminated using these natural defense mechanisms. The immune system’s reactions can have a number of adverse effects for those dealing with allergies.  These range from nuisances such as skin irritation or rashes to much more serious, potentially dangerous problems like difficulty breathing.

What Are Gut Microbes?

Every person has an ecosystem of microscopic life living within them. While the most common form of microbe in our body that people think about are harmful germs that cause illness, there is also a range of beneficial microbial life living within us. One of the most active places that you can find this tiny form of life is within our gut, where they can assist with our body’s digestive process and much more.

There are literally trillions of these microbial lifeforms living within us, and no place is home to more of them than our guts. Around four pounds of biomass, an astounding amount of these tiny creatures, live within our guts.  Each individual one has a unique mixture of life. Changing and fostering growth in this microbial ecosystem has a range of applications for our health that experts are only beginning to fully understand.

How Can a Better Gut Biome Help with Allergies?

One way that the power of gut microbes can be harnessed is to bring relief to those suffering from allergies. By introducing protective bacteria and helping it thrive in a patient’s gut, early trials are showing that dangerous immune responses from food can be lessened. By reducing the severe symptoms that an allergic reaction can produce, these trials show promise for providing more peace of mind and quality of life for allergy sufferers.

Interested in learning more about the benefits that harnessing the power of your gut’s microbial ecosystem can provide for allergies and a range of other problems? Our experts can give you the full information on this cutting-edge breakthrough in understanding our bodies. Contact Panacea Scientific Institute today!


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