7 of the Best Anti-Aging Foods You Can Add to Your Diet

Many of us still feel youthful and spry as we approach our 40s, 50s, and beyond, but we want our outer appearance to match how we feel on the inside. While a lot of us continue to look for that elusive fountain of youth to drink from, it’s probably a better idea to focus on the food we put into our bodies instead. Here are seven fantastic anti-aging foods to help you look as good as you feel.

1. Red Bell Peppers

When it comes to foods that are rich with antioxidants, usually the more vibrant the color, the better, which makes bright red peppers so appealing. When you consume red bell peppers, you’re also plying yourself with vitamin C, which is great for collagen creation and a boon to healthy skin. The carotenoids in bell peppers are responsible for the deep colors of the vegetable, and they are also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Blueberries

Blueberries contain anthocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps keep us young and healthy. It’s also the reason for the lively blue color of the berry. Blueberries are also packed with vitamin A and C to boost your immune system. A true superfood, blueberries are low in sugar and one of the best things you can put in your body.

3. Broccoli

Everything your mom told you about eating your broccoli was true. Whether you steam it, boil it, or eat it raw, this anti-inflammatory juggernaut is a great food to include in your weekly rotation. It’s loaded with vitamin C and K, fiber, calcium, and a mess of antioxidants.

4. Spinach

Leafy greens, and particularly spinach, have so many terrific health benefits that it’s hard to list them all. Popeye’s favorite snack is chock-full of magnesium (which is excellent for your joints), as well as vitamin A, C, E, and K. Spinach is extremely versatile and you can sneak it into almost any dish, including smoothies, stir-fries, pastas, and of course salad. Spinach is also one of those vegetables that are actually more nutritious for you when it’s cooked.

5. Avocado

Avocados have been in the limelight for some time now thanks to all of their amazing essential nutrients. Avocado does wonders for the skin because of its rich vitamin A content, which helps shed dead cells and create the glowing, smooth skin that you’ve always dreamed of. They’re also brimming with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K.

6. Pomegranate

It’s time to start incorporating pomegranate smoothies into your life. Not only are they other-worldly delicious, but they pack a powerful punch of potent age-defying antioxidants. They also contain punicalagin, which is a compound that boosts your collagen and keeps your skin supple.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is more than just a tasty party favor. The ravishing root vegetable is bursting with the antioxidant beta-carotene which helps promote silky smooth skin. It also contains vitamins C and E which are thought to help fight off destructive free radicals.

As we get older it becomes more and more important to take care of our bodies. Eating right is paramount and is a great start, but there are many other things you can do as well. Check out our blog for more great articles on wellness and an array of nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals to help you live a more natural and healthy life.


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