4 Reasons to Take an Antioxidant Supplement Regularly

Stress, pollution, and highly processed foods: our modern lifestyle puts a lot of pressure on our bodies. As a result, we may develop diseases, age faster, or lose certain functions such as our eyesight. Fortunately, you can protect yourself by taking an antioxidant supplement that counteracts these issues. Read on to find out what benefits this brings.

4 Reasons to Take an Antioxidant Supplement Regularly

1. Protect Yourself from Disease

The most important function of antioxidants is to protect your body from free radicals. These are found during the oxidation process, and they steal electrons from the other molecules. While this is a natural function of the body and needed to a certain extent, you can't cope well with an excess of free radicals because they start to break down cellular proteins, damage your DNA, and destroy cell membranes. 

Over time, this kind of damage becomes permanent, and it can lead to a number of health risks such as cancer, heart disease, and liver problems. You are likely to have too many free radicals if you smoke, drink excessive alcohol, and expose yourself to too much sunlight, but many other contributing factors like pollution and stress may be out of your control. For this reason, taking a supplement can be a great way to counteract this process. 

2. Stay Young and Vibrant

The destruction that free radicals cause isn't limited to certain diseases but it also encourages the aging process. Wrinkly or sagging skin, arthritis, and other issues associated with aging are caused by your cells being damaged or no longer functioning optimally. 

Since this is the effect that free radicals have on the body, you're likely to experience these symptoms at a younger age if you're exposed to them too often. By getting plenty of antioxidants on a regular basis, you can combat this deterioration and help your cells to stay healthy and intact. 

3. Keep Your Optimal Eyesight 

Many people believe that good eyesight is genetic and you can't do anything to prevent the natural decline over time. But this may not be accurate, as studies have shown that free radicals damage your eye lens over time. If you're starting to suffer from vision loss or are worried that this may occur in the future, take some supplements containing antioxidants. You may be surprised at the effect this can have on your eyesight. 

4. Mitigate Lifestyle Factors

As much as we try to live a healthy lifestyle, this isn't always possible due to the various stressors such as work, family, and the wider community. Because of factors outside our control, we may be exposed to increased levels of pollution, pesticides, dyes, and additives. Some people also experience an increase in free radicals because they have to take certain drugs like chemotherapy. In all of these cases, antioxidants can protect you from further damage. 

Taking a supplement that contains antioxidants has many health benefits. In addition to protecting you from diseases, it will allow you to combat the aging process, keep your eyesight intact, and combat the damaging effects of certain lifestyle factors. To find out more about how our vegetarian 'Multi' supplement could provide you with antioxidants every day, contact Panacea Scientific today.
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