Your New Vitamin C Supplement: The Orange Energy Booster

If your morning coffee makes you feel more tired and sluggish in the morning vs. energized, your body may be telling you something. Caffeine taxes your adrenals, and attempting to increase your caffeine intake to increase your energy can make you feel even worse. If you want the kind of energy that helps you feel motivated and alive while supporting your body and mind, we have an energy booster that will help, and it will double as your daily vitamin C supplement.

Your New Vitamin C Supplement: The Orange Energy Booster

What Is It?

Orange Energy is a supplement that contains a variety of fruits and vegetables loaded with essential nutrients that help your body feel energized so that you not only have the endurance to get through a busy day but to power through the toughest workouts.

The energy-boosting combination of ingredients will help you perform at your best both physically and mentally, providing endurance and improving cognitive function. So whether you need extra energy after a late night or you just want to feel your best, this supplement will deliver and give you that extra boost you need.

How Does It Work?

Getting your daily boost of energy is easy, thanks to Orange Energy. All you have to do is mix a scoop in eight ounces of cold water or juice and drink it once or twice a day. You will get an energy surge that is different than the feeling you get from caffeinated drinks. You won’t feel shaky, hyper, or jittery but will feel a different kind of energy, one that feels natural and pure and doesn’t cause you to crash a few hours later.

What Are the Benefits?

Not only does Orange Energy give you energy, but it also helps support your overall health. When you take this supplement, you can trust that you’re helping your body function optimally. You won’t be taxing your adrenals, and you won’t experience that midday crash. This supplement also supports your immune system with a dose of vitamin C.

Not only will it promote overall immune health and strength, but it will help the digestive system run smoothly, thanks to its high fiber content. It’s also gluten-free and contains the highest quality ingredients, designed to support your body on multiple levels.

When Should I Take It?

Orange Energy makes a good alternative to pre-workout drinks typically loaded with chemicals, artificial ingredients, and stimulants. You can take a scoop before your workout to help promote optimal endurance and give you the energy you need to make it through that early-morning spin class. You can also take it as a daily supplement to help you feel energized before a meeting at work or just to promote endurance and energy throughout the day.

If you want to experience the kind of pure energy and endurance that won’t cause an energy crash that forces you into the nearest coffee shop just to make it through the rest of the day, we have just the thing. Visit us today at Panacea Scientific to learn more about Orange Energy and how it can give you the energy boost you need, minus the crash.

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