4 Factors That Can Potentially Harm Your Gut Health

Gut health is an important link to your overall health.  For some unknown reason, it is often overlooked in the medical world. Immunity and the health of your gut are closely related.  If you want to stay in optimum health, and fortify your body so that it can effectively ward off sickness, you need to take a closer look at the factors that may be causing potential harm to your gut, and develop a plan of attack to keep your gut as healthy as possible.

1. Medications

Not many people realize it, but antibiotics wreak havoc on the gut. They destroy beneficial bacteria within the gut, which leaves the system vulnerable to infection. Natural remedies are always the best solution for viruses and colds and even some infections.  But sometimes medications simply are non-negotiable. For those times, you need a probiotic supplement to work against the damaging effects of those antibiotics to protect your gut.

2. Sugar

Not only is sugar addictive, but it is destructive to the bodily systems. When you eat sugar, your body craves it and think that it needs it to function. Until you break that craving, it’s only an unhealthy spiral downward. When your diet consists of a high amount of sugary foods, the beneficial bacteria within your gut decreases and your gut suffers. Sugar also causes gut inflammation and can decrease your immunity and your body’s ability to effectively ward off disease.

3. Alcohol

Too much alcohol is another factor that negatively impacts the health of your gut. When you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, you subject your gut to potential harm, including the development of leaky gut syndrome. Alcohol can also impact the beneficial bacteria in your gut, alter those levels, and as a result, decrease your immunity. Drinking in moderation in combination with the daily consumption of a powerful probiotic supplement will keep your gut healthy.

4. Stress 

When your body is under stress, every bodily system suffers in one way or another. Stress affects the health of the gut by negatively altering the levels of healthy bacteria, increasing sensitivity within the gut, and can also reduce blood flow in the gut. Sometimes your stress levels are under your control, other times, they are not. As a result, you need a probiotic that can protect your gut and keep it as healthy as possible when you undergo stress out of your control.

While there are factors that affect your gut that are in your control, there are sometimes things in life that affect your gut that are out of your control. For those times, you need a way to combat the elements so that you can keep your gut as healthy as possible. Visit our online store to learn more about the effective, daily probiotic supplements that we offer.  Evvea and ARISE will fortify and protect your gut day in and day out, no matter what is going on in your life.

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