How Whey Protein Can Help You Feel Fuller and Lower Your Blood Sugar

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight or have trouble stabilizing your blood sugar levels, premium whey protein powder can help you get your weight on track and feel more energized while you do. Protein powder is an essential addition to your diet if you want to feel fuller longer, lose weight sustainably, and lower your blood sugar levels without feeling like you’re being deprived.

Feel Fuller & Lower Your Blood Sugar With Whey Protein

Protein Keeps You Full All Day Long

Men and women alike can struggle to lose weight and keep it off, often complaining that they “hate starving themselves while dieting.” Oftentimes, when we’re on a diet and not feeling satiated, it means we likely aren’t eating enough protein.

Research has shown that higher-protein diets are linked to better weight loss outcomes by ensuring you stay full and satiated all day long, increasing the chances of you staying on your diet and hitting your goal weight.

How Much Protein Should You Eat per Day?

Protein requirements vary by activity levels, how much weight you’d like to lose, and your starting weight. For both women and men, it is recommended to consume .8-1 gram of protein per pound. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds, you should aim for 144-180 grams of protein per day.

Because it can be difficult and expensive to eat enough meat or plant-based sources of protein, protein powder is an excellent dietary addition to ensure you’re meeting your daily protein requirements with ease. You can make delicious smoothies, pancakes, and baked goods with your protein powder for a high protein treat that will get you one step closer to your target weight.

Lower Your Blood Sugar & Feel Better

Not only does whey help you lose weight, but it can also prevent dramatic spikes in blood pressure. Incorporating more protein in your diet is an excellent way to stabilize blood sugar levels because it prevents you from eating high GI (Glycemic Index) foods, such as pasta, rice, and other carbohydrates.

Not only that, but whey specifically has been studied for its effects on type 2 diabetes. In a randomized clinical trial of 15 individuals with well-controlled type 2 diabetes, blood sugar levels were 28% lower and insulin levels were higher when they drank a protein shake with whey before their meals.

How to Incorporate Whey Protein Powder Into Your Diet

With so many protein powders on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you and your weight loss goals. However, there are 4 key things you should look for in your protein powder: calorie content, carb content, amino acid profile, and protein per serving.

At Panacea Scientific, our premium protein powders are packed with all the essential and nonessential amino acids your body needs to build lean muscle, shed pounds of fat, and boost your energy levels. Not only that, but at only 130 calories per serving for 21 grams of protein, you’re guaranteed to feel satiated without the extra calories. Plus, it is low-carb-diet friendly at only 6 grams of net carbs per serving.

For chocolate lovers, our chocolate protein powder will satisfy your cravings for rich, indulgent desserts-without thwarting your weight loss goals. But, if you’re not a chocolate fan, then Panacea Scientific’s creamy vanilla protein powder is the perfect protein powder for you.

Looking for more ways to make your health a priority? Visit Panacea Scientific’s online shop today to discover even more of our natural, scientifically-formulated nutritional supplements, made with your health in mind.

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