4 Hazards of Elevated Blood Sugar

We are all guilty of it: feeling starved and then reaching for something with too much sugar. You feel a surge of energy from your elevated blood sugar levels, only to be followed by a hard crash, leading to lethargy and even more cravings for unhealthy foods. However, if your everyday diet is defined by high sugar levels, too many simple carbs, and not enough nutrient-dense, vitamin-rich foods, you could be in danger.

Keeping your blood sugar stable with a healthy diet void of sugary foods and simple carbs protects you from illnesses, diseases, hospital visits, and even the possibility of death due to high blood sugar.

4 Hazards of Elevated Blood Sugar

1. Deterioration of the Pancreas

The constant rise and fall of your blood sugar throughout the day is responsible for a lot of very surface-level symptoms, like feeling tired and craving sugar. When you consistently tax your body by not keeping your blood sugar stabilized, the overall productivity of your cells decreases.

Your body becomes tired, and one of the ways it stops working as it should shows up in your pancreas. When your body slows down, your pancreas speeds up, demanding more and more effort from the cells. Over time, your pancreas deteriorates.  Because your pancreas is responsible for important functions like supporting digestion and regulating blood sugar, this can become a serious issue.  Take care Now!

2. High Blood Pressure

Consistent levels of high blood sugar also lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure results when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin for the body and blood vessels then narrow due to a reduction of nitric oxide. High blood pressure is a leading cause of the following severe health issues:

  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Vision loss
  • Weakened immune system
  • Kidney failure
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Poor circulation

3. Difficulty Losing Weight

When you’re constantly eating sugars, simple carbohydrates, and starches, your blood sugar is unable to stabilize and continues to rise and fall at extreme rates. This leads to irritability, lethargy, moodiness, and more sugar cravings.

Since weight loss relies heavily upon diet, you will struggle to choose the right foods because your body will constantly feel the need for more sugar to satisfy those cravings. Sugar is addictive, so if your body is used to high levels, breaking that addiction will take time and discipline.

4. Hospitalization and Possible Death

If your blood sugar stays too high for too a long period of time, severe health complications may occur. Specifically, if your blood sugar reaches a level higher than 300 mg/dL, you face the possibility of death. For this reason, health authorities recommend that individuals with these levels be hospitalized immediately.

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