Signs Your Probiotics Are Working

Your body houses trillions of microscopic organisms that collectively can weigh up to three to five pounds. However, sometimes it is hard to maintain a healthy balance of these microorganisms, or flora, in our gut. This affects our health in many ways, so we take probiotics to improve our gut health. But how do we know when they are working? Keep reading to find out.

How to Repair Your Gut

The most effective way to repair your gut is using the 4R approach (remove, replace, reinoculate, repair). This involves removing inflammatory foods from your diet, such as sugar, corn, eggs, and soy and irritants like caffeine, alcohol, and other drugs. Next, replace these bad foods with good ones, like yogurt and cheese.

Then, reinoculate your gut by introducing a high-quality, highly potent probiotic supplement. Finally, repair your gut with ingredients, such as aloe, marshmallow root, slippery elm, and licorice.

How to Tell If Your Gut Is Repaired

While you can order expensive tests to measure the health of your gut, there are four questions you can ask yourself at home today to determine if your probiotics are working and your gut is once again in optimal shape.

Do You Still Have Digestive Issues?

Leaky guts often mean you have gastrointestinal distress. These symptoms vary from person to person, but generally include gas, constipation and bloating, acid reflux, or heartburn. This is particularly true if your leaky gut was caused by an infection of the gut. If symptoms of GI distress began to dissipate over time and are now gone, it is likely that your probiotics are working.

Are You Still Sensitive to Food?

A great indicator that your probiotics are working is that you can once again eat foods that you previously couldn’t. For example, you may have experienced brain fog, an imbalanced mood, headaches, fatigue, or stomach pain. Food sensitivities occur when your body cannot completely digest food. These food particles escape your gut via your bloodstream and your immune system begins to attack them.

Once your probiotics begin to work, you can slowly reintroduce healthy variety into your diet. However, you should never reintroduce extremely inflammatory foods, like dairy and gluten, if you are sensitive to these foods. The idea is to keep your gut healthy once it is repaired.

Is Your Skin Clearer?

Lesser-known symptoms of a leaky gut include skin disorders, such as rosacea, rashes, acne breakouts, painful eczema, and flaky dandruff. If your skin issues clear up, this may be an outward indication that your probiotics are working and your gut is repairing itself.

Are You Happier and Healthier?

Your gut houses 60 to 70% of your immune system. If your probiotics are working, you will find that your body fights off infections more efficiently, or you are not getting sick when others around you are. Furthermore, healthy bacteria in your gut regulate your mood, helping you cope with stress, making you feel happier, and reducing anxiety. If you are feeling like your old self, your probiotics are probably working.

You will also notice a drastic improvement in mental clarity. Your brain fog will lift, and you will find focusing on and completing daily tasks easier. You will also lose weight because you will not be bloating anymore and you will feel like the best version of yourself, full of vitality and energy.

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5 Responses

  1. I have been struggling with bloating and constipation, among other issues related to my stomach.
    I started taking a good probiotic and things are slightly better.
    However, I get serious gas gas after taking them. I kinda thought it was because the bad bacteria was dying in my stomach and creating gas due to that?
    Hopefully it will stop soon! Ugh
    I am feeling much more like my self, other than that.
    I’d love to try your probiotic, but I just spent a lot of money on the ones I have now.
    Maybe next time I buy some.
    Kimberly Fiamengo

  2. I hadn’t been on them long by the way I take nature bounty probiotic 10 and I cannot eat hardly anything in the morning..upset stomach

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